Live Stream your Event

Live Broadcasting your Event

Live Broadcasting an event can be a little scary – Getting in a camera crew, possibly loosing gate sales and marketing the live stream.. We will cover these aspects of running a live broadcast of your event here in this article. Don’t be scared, with the right people on board it can be a very smooth experience.


Why should I broadcast my event?

  • Increase audience
    – By live streaming your event to viewers you increase brand awareness & your audience size. This results in higher potential for your sponsors and advertisers.


  • Monetize
    – Using a paywall you can charge viewers to watch your event live or on demand. This increases profits allowing you to cover event costs. You can also advertise to your viewers your sponsors content.


  • Interaction
    By increasing interaction – For example providing replays and social interaction where viewers can tweet into the live stream – Further viewers will be interested and more engaged in content shown – For example future events.


  • TV Broadcast
    Your content can be edited after the live stream for TV broadcast, further increasing your audience and exposure of your event.


  • Surpass Physical Limitations
    – Depending on your event location, safety limits may impede your maximum guest limit. With a live broadcast of your event – there is really no limit on how many viewers you can have. Live Motorsport NZ’s Media Serving Cloud can handle up to 50,000 viewers watching a HD Live Stream.


  • Convenience
    – Some event guests may not be able to make it to your event for many reasons, mostly being finances, travel & accommodation. However the alternative many guests are looking lately is watching a Live Broadcast of the event. Statistics show that a live stream actually ” leads ” people into going to the event in person the next time the event is on.