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Maori Made Productions

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Drew & Jodie @ Drift Motorsport NZ


Live Streaming Specialists

Specialising in live event broadcasting, using our custom media serving cloud & wireless technology we can stream your event to over 50,000 viewers.


Live Streaming Technology is our passion

With a background in network engineering & web development we are experienced in the backend of live broadcasting technology. Providing affordable solutions to TV production companies & event promoters.

  • Media Server Cloud
    Built on a corporate class cloud system we run multiple load balancers & edge servers to ensure up to 50K viewers can concurrently view your live stream.
  • Our Equipment
    We use a mixture of corporate tier wireless hardware & industry standard Black Magic Design solutions.
  • The Network
    Our network is based internationally due to the de-prioritized nature of local traffic. International traffic has priority – Therefore a better experience is acquired for video streaming.
  • Live Broadcasting Solutions
    We specialise in live streaming / broadcasting. If your an event manager or live production company – We can provide solutions for your event live stream.


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